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Work is something that requires physical and mental awareness in order to achieve something. Over the course of my fifteen years of life I have worked hard to get to where I am today. School requires a lot of mental and physical awareness, work. I was able to earn multiple scholarships through hard work. Hours and hours of studying and memorizing have prepared me for the next level of work: high school. High school requires even more physical and mental awareness. My middle school did not have any sports or clubs. DeLaSalle did and as a freshman I learned that balancing sports, clubs and homework is not an easy task. In the beginning it took a lot of willpower to avoid wasting time on social media and to focus more on homework. Especially since I always came home really tired from practice. Over time I had begun to realize that my education is more important than sports and that I had to refocus my energy toward my education. I had to balance my life. It took an immense amount of time and energy to bring my grades up and occasionally I would feel overly stressed out about the whole situation I got in. It didn’t help that procrastination almost always got the best of me. Eventually I was able to balance things out a little. This new focus on schoolwork affected my personal life in some ways. I felt much more in control of my life and like I could achieve anything I set my mind to. I know everyone goes through in their life that require huge amounts of work. To this day I still struggle with balancing schoolwork and my personal life. But this whole experience taught me that life is hard and achievements require a lot of effort and sacrifices.


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