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Work is an activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. To me, work is something that is done to get a desired result. In many cases it is money but can also be as broad as a better future. Most people think of work as being a job where you get pain in US dollars. This is not true. In my opinion, work does not have to directly yield money. For example, in school we need to work hard. This is not so that the teachers pay us is it? No, but we are still getting paid in the goodness and benefits of knowledge and education.

Some people do not take work seriously . Even though it can be hard and tough sometimes, it is better to work for what you want in life. People should start learning how to work at a young age because it is more than likely that you will have to work at some point in their lives. Also, people think that work will not be as hard if you are doing something that you find fun. Working does not always have to be boring or hard like it is often pictured. When you like the subject you are working at, it could improve your performance as well.

I do not think there was a time that I did work but got nothing out of it whether that was money or knowledge, everything I do yields something else that is mostly wanted. For everyone, work is going to be apart of most people’s daily lives in the near future. It is better to practice being serious with our work now as we are in school then later when we are working to achieve something else that is not money and that can cause many issues for many people.


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