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Work means different things to me depending upon the circumstance. I work extremely hard in all my classes to have good grades because it’s important to me and I want to get into a good college. I believe that grades are one of the most important things to work hard for as a child because they really help determine your future and are important for your future success as well. My parents also both work hard to send me and my brothers to Delasalle because education is very important to them and to us. We value Delasalle so much and acknowledge what a privilege it is to be attending the school. This is another reason that I work hard for good grades because I understand the great importance behind working hard for an education. I have been given a chance at Delasalle to achieve great things and I definitely am not going to squander this opportunity by not trying hard in classes.

Another way I work is every weekend I do chores around the house because my family believes that if you are part of the family you pitch in and help however you can. I think working around the house by cleaning and repairing things is very important for building character and it has helped me to appreciate all that my parents do. I also work very often to help my neighbors whenever they need assistance with a task such as shoveling snow, raking leaves, or something of the sort. I like to have a sense of community with my neighbors because you have people to count on and always feel welcomed. I enjoy working to help my neighbors when they need it because I know they will also help me when I need it. Work is one of the most valued things in my life, because I believe it is a great test of character and an important characteristic in every person.


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