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Self-discipline is an extremely important virtue; and it may even be the most important virtue because it is so extremely necessary for success. People who are gifted in self-discipline are able to overcome their weaknesses and pursue what they think is right. Being self-disciplined is extremely rewarding because it helps to prioritize everything in life and allows you to get work done more efficiently. Many people who are self-disciplined are able to turn away from things that they know are wrong and are able to follow what they know to be right. These wrong things may be cheating on homework in school, or much more serious and long-lasting things, such as drug use. Self-disciplined people are able to rise above from anything that will hold them down because they know how to make the right decisions.

In my life, I have found that I have very good self-discipline. I am a very hard worker who is very focused on my education and schoolwork. In school, I could take the easy way out and cheat on assignments, but my self-discipline helps me to focus on what is right and not make the wrong decision. I know that I should do my own work so that I learn the material. Being able to do all of my schoolwork takes a lot of self-discipline because there is simply such a large amount of it, however, I know it is the right choice to complete all my homework so I can get better grades and learn more from the rigorous classes. As Bennett says in the introduction of The Book of Virtues, “Remember, virtues for the most part lie in our actions and good deeds, not just good thoughts and intentions”. I completely agree with this quote because in order for me to be self-disciplined, I have to act on the virtue and not just think about it.


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