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Responsibility is not only one of the world’s greatest struggles; it’s also one of the most important goals. Without responsibility, the social contracts and agreements of governments all over the world would crumble into chaos. Responsibility requires people to not only accept the repercussions for their actions but also teaches people to respect themselves and others; to think twice before action. Everyone makes mistakes and without a sense of responsibility applied to those mistakes, no one would learn from them. The cost of responsibility is an important aspect of the world today.

Strangely, this year has been full of the cost of responsibility for me. I demonstrate leadership characteristics, and sometimes, people see me as such.  Being a leader means taking responsibility for things done and maybe things that were not done. During my time in Bolivia this summer, I was one of the seniors on the trip and I wanted everyone to have a good time. A couple of times I decided to take responsibility for things I said and things I did not say. During the school year, I am one of the captains of theatre and a co-captain of our step dance team and find myself in more leadership positions. A crucial part of the DeLaSalle community is unity. Unity requires strong relationships founded in efficient communication and compromise; it requires us to be “answerable” and accountable for our actions (p185). Each of these characteristics finds it origin in responsibility. Without this we would not have such great programs and I would not feel so prepared to be a leader.

The world would be a different place without responsibility. As a country and as a world, it is necessary that we keep this important virtue in our lives. Responsibility will always be a fundamental part of the DeLaSalle community and that will continue to make it great. Responsibility earns its importance by being honored in William J Bennet’s Book of Virtues. I will continue to honor this important virtue in life.


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