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Responsibility is shown in a variety of different ways. Everyone has their own definition of what it means to be responsible. Responsibility to me is facing a duty with optimism, and diligence. One must follow through to be responsible and know that, although the task may be challenging, it is their job to finish it. I believe a responsible person thoroughly completes what they started. I also believe responsibility is one of the most important attributes to have because it will benefit you in every aspect of your life.

As a student, I have many responsibilities. I am responsible for learning the material in class, I am responsible for completing all my homework, and I am responsible for studying for the assessments. I am in charge of my education, and if I do not complete these school requirements, I have to face the consequences, for example, poor grades. However, I am not only a student; I have responsibilities within my home, my extra curriculars, and my job. Each task requires focus and meticulous effort. This is why responsibility is vital. Without being held accountable, the effort put into a task decreases. I think that self motivated responsibility shows a person is determined, motivated, and hard-working. I believe that responsibility is having many roles, but staying balanced and always putting your best effort in.

Having been the president of my local 4-H club, an organization where we learn leadership skills, I now fully understand what responsibility entails. I was responsible for leading the meetings, organize food drives and other forms community service, and making major decisions for the club. This put a lot of pressure on me because I realized how much liability came with being president. Although the job was difficult, it taught me that every action has a consequence, either positive or negative, and being responsible means being ready to deal with the outcome.


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