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The definition of responsibility is “the opportunity or ability to act independently and make decisions without authorization”. Being responsible to me means you are held accountable for your actions and are thoughtful about them, also that you freely choose what you want. To me being responsible helps you in life and the more mature you are with your decisions the easier it is to navigate through adulthood. Responsibility is something you have your whole life and you gain more and more the older you get. Being responsible means you don’t depend on everyone all the time and that you take matters into your own hands. We all are responsible for many things like doing our homework, chores, etc. Some specific responsibilities in my life are doing the dishes, writing essays, making sure I am on time for things -for example, school – if I make a mistake, to learn from it and more.

Everyday I have to prove I am responsible if I want to do something. For example I have proven that I can take care of little kids and how I know that is because my mom lets me take care of little cousin. Another time is when I showed her I could navigate my way around Minneapolis and her knowing I could go on the bus alone. Whenever I am in charge of something or have to take care of it, I am responsible for whatever that is and responsibility can be given to you by many different people. If you prove yourself to not be making good decisions and can’t be independent you can lose your freedom. Responsibility comes with hard work but there are rewards to being self-sufficient and that can make you go farther in life being able to stand on your own feet.


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