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“The miracle of ordinary things fill children’s worlds. They sense, as Woodward phrased it, the ‘intimations of immortality’ we too often neglect as adults”.  This excerpt from The Book of Virtues reinforces the idea frequently repeated in the Bible concerning how we must remain childlike in order to receive the Lord. As we grow older, our minds begin the struggle to explain mysteries in our lives. With each year it becomes more difficult to rely on God to take care of our problems and to let go of the unknown. Children are easily able to accept truths at face value with an unwavering loyalty to God; a force we cannot see. We must become similar to children, and rely on God to oversee our lives, and solve our problems.

One of the most difficult struggles I have gone through is my lifelong battle with anxiety. I was an anxious kid, an anxious preteen, and now an anxious adolescent. I have always had issues with feeling in control of my own life, and have an abundance of self-imposed pressure on my shoulders. As I began to strengthen my faith, I found comfort in the Bible, and my faith community. William J. Bennett has strong beliefs that we must receive God in a childlike manner in order to have a stable, fulfilling relationship with God. I continue to work on my relationship with God on a daily basis, working towards giving up my anxieties to God.

Faith is a personal, unique, lifelong journey dedicated to strengthening your relationship with God. It involves giving up your control in order to allow the divine power of God to act in your life. If we are to be open and ready to receive God’s power, that is to act in our lives. Children are the example; they set the standard for the open, curious approach we are to have towards the Lord.


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