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Every day I find something that I need to persevere through; be it something little or something large. I believe that without perseverance I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now because the struggle of making it through life’s setbacks makes everything more enjoyable. Perseverance is a great way to show us that the things we really want in life should be worked for, and we need to understand that not everything in life is given, but needs to be earned. I believe I understand the importance of perseverance.

Perseverance isn’t always the greatest struggle, as it can be little things, but it is such an important virtue. In my case, getting out of bed every morning is a struggle. Waking up is not too hard, as I usually get up right when my alarm goes off, but the hard part is actually stepping out of bed and getting ready for my day ahead, especially when there are things I am not looking forward to facing. That’s the hardest part about getting up. I have to persevere and get out of bed to get ready on time. It shows me how that little struggle and my perseverance through it shows me that so little can accomplish so much.

Perseverance is, in my opinion, a key to everybody’s life. Without perseverance I’m confident people wouldn’t understand the importance of working for what they get. Parents should stress the importance of working hard to their kids, so that the kids learn this valuable lesson. This way kids, and their kids, will be working hard for everything they want. If people work harder for what they want they can understand truly how the “real world” works. On page 553 in The Book of Virtues it says, “Rejoice, and men will seek you; Grieve and they turn and go.” To me this quote means that people will surround you when you are happy, but may leave you when you aren’t. I think this can somewhat relate to perseverance, in the way that if people persevere for what they want they will be happier with what they get. When someone works hard for what they really want they will be happy that they worked for what they got. So in that way people will surround them since they are happy.


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