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Perseverance is an important virtue to help people succeed in life. Without it, not many things would get done or be accomplished. Perseverance is defined as “steadfastness in doing something, despite difficulty or delay in achieving success”. In his Book of Virtues, William Bennett says, “Perseverance gains its meed, and Patience wins the race” (Bennett pg. 555). In other words, there is reward in being persistent while completing a task or meeting a goal. Often, people have a hard time being persistent in what they are working for. Not only does it take patience, but also consistency in waiting and being perseverant about what you want to accomplish. If you lack patience you are may not be very perseverant and may not put much effort into what you are working towards. You will be too busy rushing and trying to get to what you want as fast as possible.

To me, perseverance means not giving up. An example in my life is being patient in finding a house. Currently, my family and I are in the midst of searching for a house. We’ve come across many possibilities, but then something comes up and we have to move and keep searching. I have grown impatient once in a while because I just want a home I can call my own. However, I know things don’t just happen overnight and I am trying to be perseverant and give my mom hope that we will find the right house for us. I know I may struggle with having perseverance in my situation from time to time; but I will try not to give up hope and encourage my mom to be perseverant as well.

In The Book of Virtues, Bennett, figuratively speaking, puts light onto the fact that having perseverance is a very important virtue. One of the many stories that explain perseverance is the story of the tortoise and the hare. The hare is prideful in how fast he is that he stops to take a nap. Meanwhile, the tortoise works for what he wants and does not stop to take a break like the hare. He worked for what he wanted, and as a result of that, he won the race. As the story says, “slow and steady wins the race” (Bennett pg. 530). Because of its perseverance the tortoise won the race; and much like this fable, I too know that with patience and perseverance I will be able to accomplish great things in my life.


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