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We are taught at a young age that perseverance means that you do not give up when you face a challenge in life. On the contrary, it means you keep on going. This has been instilled in my sisters and I.

Perseverance to me goes hand in hand with hard work. This is due to the fact that if you keep on working at a problem to get a solution you have worked hard. With both you feel pride in yourself. This is one of the first things we earn that is not of monetary value. Instead it is a moral that you are honing to better yourself as a person. Therefore it has more value than money. Money can eventually be earned back or replaced but your hard work and perseverance are what get you it. However if you do not makes as much that does not matter as much as knowing that you are willing to get a job done which everybody appreciates. So to be both hardworking and perseverance will get you far in life.

My first personal experience in which I had to show perseverance was when I first learned to read. I barely started learning to do so in first grade. As you can imagine I was very behind the rest of my peers. The main thing I felt most when I first realized this was shame. I did not want to be seen as dumb and I tried to hide the fact that I could not read for as long as I could. My teachers of course noticed and instead gave me some extra help. Again I was embarrassed that I was one of the few that needed the extra help. So in order to get out of those classes I had to read as much as I could outside of school and realize it was not just something you had to do in school but could do outside of it. Of course there is nothing wrong with getting extra help and realized that they were the ones to push me to improve. They taught me that instead of being embarrassed to actually do something to fix my problems and not to give up when I wanted to. This was like the catalyst and now I ask for help when I need it and always try to find a solution to my problems no matter how hard it may seem.

In closing, perseverance is important and can go hand in hand with hard work. Pushing through an obstacle or problem is important because in life we have many of those and need to push through them at all sorts of different ages. I believe I have shown perseverance in my own life and expect to do so many times in the future as well.


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