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Perseverance has been apart of my high school career since the beginning. I came from an underachieving middle school and therefore needed to catch up with my private Catholic middle school peers. When in middle school I received less than thirty minutes of homework a night. At DeLaSalle I have received at least two hours each night, this transition was a drastic overwhelming change. I got through this by persevering and building a good habit. I practiced the habit of going home each afternoon and doing my homework right away. There were plenty of times when I was unmotivated and only wanted to relax. However, I knew I could relax more knowing I had finished my homework. This habit of time management has helped me tremendously.

When I joined the basketball team during my freshman and sophomore year, I was grateful I had learned how to manage my time. During those evenings I would come home extremely tired, however I’d always make sure I finished my homework before going to sleep. I persevered by creating a good habit of prioritizing my schoolwork. In middle school I did not need this skill, but I am glad DeLaSalle has pushed me to practice and master it. I believe I will carry this habit into college as well despite the constant free time I will have available.

I persevered through my junior and senior year of high school because they were by far my toughest academically and personally. Around these times I was discovering myself, new relationships, and how to deal with tough situations. It was a very hard time for me during junior year because I was not making the right choices with who I associated with. I got through this by reaching out. I spoke with my guidance counselor and family constantly and was able to get back on the right track. Getting through those hardships has made me a more mature and accountable young adult.

Attending DeLaSalle has given me the opportunity to analyze and choose my values carefully. Through the rigorous curriculum and demanding of particulars, I’ve become a better person. A person of virtue. I hold myself and others accountable, I have learned the importance of time management and building good relationships, and I have grown into a mellow young woman.


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