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Loyalty is a beautiful thing; it comes from relationships, friendships and mostly in families.  Loyalty is a hard thing to come by in society but if you’re around the right people you will find it.  Let me give you the definition of loyalty to better understand it, “A strong feeling of support or allegiance. “This means that someone wants to support you or wants the best for you.  Allegiance is a very strong word. It means one would fully serve you under any circumstances. I feel this is the best friendship you could have. You have a mutual desire to help each other through anything.

My story of loyalty is through my family; we are all very loyal to one another.  My family and I put each other first and would do anything for each other.  My experience was when my family and I moved from Michigan about four years ago to Minnesota.  My brother and I had a very good friend which we loved in Michigan.  My family and I were born in Michigan my cousins aunts uncles everybody.  Then once we left none of our friends tried to contact us or tried to keep our friendship going.  My brother and I were heartbroken because our friends from kindergarten and all our family were far away now.  But you know who was there through thick and thin, my beautiful family.  My family grew closer together than any time before.  This is because with the absence of friends and other family members all we could do was to bond with each other.  At the time, they were the worst years of my life but now I am grateful because my family grew closer together and grew loyalty towards each other.  We learned that we had so many things in common, activities, hobbies and most of all our love for one another.  Loyalty does not come easy; it is something that comes from wanting the best for the other person and building a good relationship with others and connecting with others.  Times of trial can pull you apart or cause a drift, however in my family it did just the opposite.  We know it was our loyalty for each other that brought us through some very hard times.  I love my family and thank God for putting us all together.


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