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Honesty goes beyond the simple definition of telling the truth. It involves putting trust in both others and moreover in yourself. It’s not something that you just experience in instances but rather something that you uphold and is integral to the way you live. It pervades both the way that others see you and how you see yourself, putting value and worth behind words. Being honest shows others that you can be relied on and that you have nothing to hide about yourself.

When you are honest with the people around you, you show them that your character is strong and that their trust in you is not misplaced. Even when we make mistakes and that trust is breached, truth shows that we are willing to own up to our failures and take responsibility for our actions. When we break that trust by lying, we may be forgiven, but what we did will be remembered. ¬†More often than not, trying to hide our transgressions creates more disappointment than if we were to just admit to our mistakes. Eventually, those lies add up and we may lose the faith that people have in us altogether. When I’m around my friends and family, I’m forthright with them because I expect the same from them. There is mutual trust that when I confide in or ask something of someone close to me, they can be sure that I’d do the same for them.

More often than not, the people we lie to the most are ourselves. We may doubt our own value and be unhappy with an aspect of who we are. We try to deceive ourselves to cover up our wrongs and that which we don’t want ourselves to believe. It’s important to accept the realities of who we are and what we do, even if it’s hard. Our flaws and mistakes tell more about ourselves and define us more than our successes. Without those experiences we wouldn’t be able to learn as much from our lives or grow as people. I try to be as authentic to my true character as possible; I own up to my mistakes and accept my weaknesses and flaws. They are a part of who I am and there is no use in denying it. Making myself out to be someone I’m not will get me nowhere because I’m developing a lie rather than myself. If we can’t be honest with the person we see in the mirror, it’ll be a lot harder to be honest with others.

In short, honesty is just as much is about valuing the faith that others put in you as it is valuing the faith you put in yourself. It allows us to live freely, accept who we are as individuals, and helps us to build trust with others so that we can rely on them just as they rely on us. By living an honest life, I have peace of mind knowing that I don’t have to be ashamed of anything I’ve said or done.


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