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Honesty is an important virtue to attain and a virtue that we should all continue to seek every day of our lives. The poem titled, “The Question,” tells us, “Seek honesty within yourself before you seek it in your neighbors (643)”. To be honest means to be real, genuine, and authentic. This is very important because if we want people to be honest with us, we need to be honest to others first, as honesty not only expresses respect towards others, but it shows self-respect as well. Honesty is so important in this world because it allows us to live in peace with one another.

This book points out that we should not try to achieve honesty just for the sake of others but to really, truly, be better people in this world. I really liked the poem, “Someone Sees You” because it teaches that an act of dishonesty is never truly hidden. When the man was trying to steal wheat from his neighbors he had his daughter as a guard to not get caught. The daughter kept telling him, “Father, someone sees you!” but the father did not see anyone. He gets angry at the daughter to which she responds, “Father, someone sees you from above.” This really connected with me because it is such a powerful sentence that reminds us that God is always watching what we are doing. Stealing or being dishonest is something that Jesus taught us not to do. I also enjoyed the story about the man who lost his ax, and when the woman offers him a gold ax he tells her the truth and she rewards him with three axes instead of one. I believe the virtue of honesty is powerful because it is everlasting and crucial to living a meaningful life.


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