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What does Honesty mean to me? I have always thought of honesty as a true virtue. When I was young I would read about true, and honest characters who valued wisdom and honesty. I, in turn, learned that it was important that I be honest. These early lessons of honesty shaped my understanding of the word and what honesty means to me now.

In its most basic understanding honesty means speaking the truth, and acting truthfully. When I think about honesty a little more in depth, I like to look at the opposite of honesty and what makes honesty such a good quality. I believe that the opposites of honesty are corruption, and deceit. By being dishonest, or not telling the whole truth to ourselves and our neighbors, we are denying the value of honesty. I believe that honesty is a good quality to have because it means your word is hold. When you are honest, everything you say is worth more, and your actions are more throughly thought out. I believe that honesty is difficult, because we know the truth could harm ourselves or another person. In these situations it would be easier not to offer any truth at all, but I feel that to move forward, I must be honest. Since I value honesty so much,  these are often the most challenging times of my life. I appreciate when other people are honest with me because I know they share the same virtues as me.

I value honesty above most other virtues. I have always tried to live an honest life in what I say, and what I do. I want to contribute this to the stories I read when I was younger. To capture the meaning of honesty from one of my favorite childhood stories, The Frog Prince, “That which thou hast promised must thou preform…”.


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