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Honesty means a couple different things to me. One thing I view honesty as is a personal struggle that you can take charge of.The other thing is that people who lie or who do not tell the truth tend to have bad karma. I’ll be talking about the two ways that I view honesty.

I believe that honesty is something that you can control. Often times we end up falling into this sense of falsehood which misleads us to what we really want. In the story “Truth, Falsehood, Fire, and Water” , Falsehood tricked Fire and Water into believing that they were against each other so he could have their cattle.  When it was just Falsehood and Truth those just don’t equal out, so they fought, and fought and continue to fight to this day because Falsehood can’t figure out what’s wrong with what he did. So we have to ask ourselves if we want to be greedy like Falsehood was and lie to everyone or do we want to be modest and real with everyone so we don’t fall into Falsehood.

I also believe in karma. Karma means “whatever goes around comes around”. When I think about lying or making up something I think about how this could backfire on me and have a negative impact on my future. The story “Matilda, Who Told Lies, and Was Burned to Death”  made me think about karma. Matilda didn’t like to tell the truth and liked to play a lot of games, so one evening she called the fire department when there was no fire and made everyone in the town wake up.  For a punishment for the last incident, her mom didn’t take her to the theater.  While her mom was gone a fire actually broke out at the house. Matilda goes running outside to get some help but no one believes her because of what happened last time.  When her mom got home there was Matilda and the house burnt to the ground all because she told a lie. A story like that makes me really want to tell the truth because why would people believe me after I lied.

Writing this essay really made me think about little stuff I talk about and whether or not I’m telling the truth. Like in the stories found in the “The Book of Virtues” being honest does not only affect you but also the people around you. These stories really makes me think if it’s really worth it to lie even though there may be no consequence.


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