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“Carry one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” This passage from the book of Galatians preaches about the necessity of having someone by your side as you go through the hardships and blessings in life. Friendship is one of the most valuable things that this world has to offer. When we develop a good friendship with another being, we offer one another benevolent impulses towards our interests and aspirations in life.

A good friendship is formed when a common interest is found and we are being pushed towards reaching our ambitions by the positivity of the other person. The treasury of The Book Of Virtues by William J. Bennett offers great insights about what makes a worthy friendship. He states, “ The demands of friendship: for frankness, for self-revelation, for taking friends’ criticisms as seriously as their expressions of admiration or praise, for stand-by-me loyalty, and for assistance to the point of self-sacrifice.” In other words, friendship requires being truthful, intimacy, constructive criticism, appreciation for one another, reliability, and selflessness. When a level of closeness is reached, flaws and faults will be found so that we may mature and grow as a person. Real friends never seek towards knocking each other down. They see and appreciate the good that we have to offer. We also find friends when we are in a time of need by reaching out towards their helpfulness and reliance. A good friendship offers us encouragements towards goodness and towards our own ennoblement as a person.

A good friend is anyone who you would be with when you are in a time of need and when you are in your most pleasing times. We share our growth with friends while at the same time we inspire one another towards becoming a righteous human being. Friendship and companionship is essential for the living of a happy and delightful life.


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