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When you google the word “friendship”, Wikipedia tells you that “Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people.” While that is the literal meaning of friendship, Wikipedia misses the depth behind friends. It skips over the midnight gas station snack runs, the inside jokes, the late night phone calls that end up as therapy sessions, the summer night drives where you blast your favorite songs and sing your hearts out, and the support, trust, and unconditional love that comes with all of that. Having that safety net of friends is the most comforting thing in the world; knowing you can talk to them about anything whenever you need to is indescribable. However, friendship is not always easy. Like everything, friendship has its ups and downs. Whether it is because of a boy or girl, school, family, or personal problems, every friendship faces what feels like “the end”. But that is where you figure out where your true friends are. A mutually beneficial friendship should involve compromise, sacrifice, and understanding. Part of being in a strong, healthy friendship is realizing when you need to put your problems aside for a minute and be the listener. In return, the friend you were the listener for becomes the listener for you, which is when you can comfortably express your feelings and explain your dilemmas. While you should want to help your friends, you shouldn’t push your problems off to the side every single time– it is okay if they offer to simply listen. Regarding compromise in friendship, people are going to have different opinions– that’s a good thing; it is what keeps humans individual. What comes from differing opinions is growth, experience, and new perspectives that you didn’t knew existed before.

I guess what friendship means to me is this; someone who you can celebrate your differences with; someone who can help you look on the bright side when you need to and vice-versa; someone who is more than a mutually affectionate relationship.


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