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Friendship is like a diamond – rare and beautiful – but most importantly, very valuable. At a young age, we are told to choose our friends wisely, and that might be the reason they are like diamonds. Friendships last forever. They are not like acquaintances that only last a week. Although some friendships have their ups and downs, not all friendships are perfect. One thing is for sure: true friends will never judge or turn against you. I’ve seen it cut both ways, and a fair-weather friend can make for a miserable feeling. At times, the people who you think are your friends really are not and they are just good at acting like they are.

Friendship to me is something special but it was hard to find. As a little girl, I thought I had many friends and thought many were my best friends, but as I grew older many of friendships started to disappear. Many turned on me when false things were being spread and others left because their friends left me. I felt lonely when I was down to three friends but it was for the best, as they have loyally stood by my side ever since. We get along and now they are not only friends to me, but a part of my family. They are like the sisters that I never had, always looking out for me and giving me advice. I am very happy to say that our friendships are stronger than ever and hope that once we go off to college our friendships will stay the same.


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