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Courage can be recognized as one of life’s most important virtues. Courage is standing up for what you think is right despite what other people have to say. Courage is refusing to give up your ¬†bus seat because of your skin color. Courage is being able to stand up to your biggest bully. Courage is risking your life to free slaves through the Underground Railroad. Courage is revolting against the people who have treated you like you were less than a human being. Courage is fighting for your country and fighting for freedom and independence. Courage is fighting for women’s rights and equality. Courage is being able to face your own faults and make good of them by educating others not to make the same mistakes. Courage is being able to be honest with yourself and others, even when it is difficult to do. Courage is removing yourself from a situation that is unhealthy or not beneficial to you. Courage is working extremely hard to achieve a goal or dream that you were told you were not capable of. Having courage can be a very hard thing to do but is extremely important. Small acts of courage every day can lead to bigger things and great opportunities for many people. Acts of courage have led to freedom and justice for many. In my opinion, courage is much deeper than its definition. While the dictionary will describe courage as having strength in the face of pain, many acts of courage happen after weeks, months, even years of mistreatment and oppression. The moment of taking a stand and really facing that fear or thing that has been holding you back is often refreshing. I prompt anyone reading this to stand and face your enemies with courage in order to eliminate your fears.

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