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The way I define courage is someone who does something brave and accomplishes new things. When I learn, when I try new things, and when I meet new people are the times I need courage. There might be other times where I feel like I need to have courage, but these three main things mostly show and will explain the experiences I had with courage and what I accomplished from it.

One time when I needed courage was when I first started school. I was only about four years old and I was starting my first day at preschool. I was very close to my parents so it was very difficult for me to not be with them for half of my day. I am a very shy person and so it was very hard for me to learn and stay focus on my school work. As I grew older and got used to going to school, courage helped me to start participating in class. I started focusing more in class and that helped me be able to ask questions and work with other students. Courage helped me to not be afraid to speak out in class. Then it was much easier for me to study for tests and take good notes and that’s how I knew I was paying well attention in class.

Another time in my life where I needed courage was trying new things. During school many of my friends would tell me to join volleyball. I didn’t want to do it because I was very scared of getting embarrassed since I was new to it and didn’t know how to play it. After I discussed it with my family, they also thought it was a very good idea for me to play it. Once I got lots of support from my family, I decided to join the team and try it out. I ended up playing volleyball, softball and basketball in my elementary and middle school years. I became very good at playing volleyball and am very happy that I had the courage to do it, because it not only helped me to meet new friends, but it also helped me to join other sports and practice hard to learn how to play it and learn about teamwork.

Lastly, the last main point where I needed courage was being able to meet new people. As I said before I am a very shy person, but when I do new things I always come across new people. Some of the ways courage has helped me to meet new people were joining activities and being able to socialize with people my age. This past summer, I took part in a Latino Lawyer Camp, and I met many students and lawyers that I was able to through courage. It is amazing to know that these people will probably be with me throughout my whole life and will be there to support in my future career.


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