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In Luke 10:37 the scribe stated “He that showed mercy on him.” Then Jesus told him, “Go and do thou likewise.” In this parable, Jesus showed that our neighbor needs the help that we can give him, whoever he may be. Compassion is the concern for sufferings of others. I have witnessed compassion take shape in my life while attending a Toby Mac concert with my mother. Toby Mac is a Christian hip hop recording artist. A spokesperson at the event shared how there are so many poverty-stricken people in third world countries in need of financial sponsors. Through the music of Toby Mac and the words of the spokesperson, my mother and I felt compassion calling us to act. We were so moved by the videos and images of the children that we felt the need to do something. We decided to sponsor an 8-year-old Hispanic girl from Bolivia named Giovanna. Every month we donate money to help her with her needs. I partook in this compassion but I also witnessed my mother, who already has three children of her own, reach out to this girl and try to help. Although what my mother did, and continues to do today, may seem small to others, to Giovanna and me it means so much. I know that the compassion she showed towards this little girl will make her grow and live a better life. Just like the story of the good Samaritan, we felt called by Jesus who was telling us to do the same – help thy neighbor whoever that might be. Give to the poor in need, and they shall do the same and it will become a ripple effect.


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